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Bologna, 27-28-29 February 2020

Creating for the Stage and other Spaces: Questioning Practices and Theories

Organized by Claudio Longhi and Daniele Vianello

The twentieth century witnessed crucial changes in creation for the stage, which in extreme cases resulted in a negation of theatre itself. While trying to negotiate this legacy, two decades into the twenty-first century, further transformations and developments are taking place, requiring new theoretical languages that adopt the past as an essential matrix for examining the present and future.

The III EASTAP Conference (European Association for the Study of Theatre and Performance) intends to study this specific subject as well as helping to establish and support a dialogue between different cultures and customs in a moment, our present time, when the idea of Europe is thrown into question.

As a logical follow-up to the Paris and Lisbon editions which focused on decentralisation and shared memory(ies) of the European contemporary stage, this third EASTAP Conference will examine creating for the stage from past to present and across practice and theory.

With the express intention to embed the EASTAP Conference in the Festival VIE 2020 (international theatre festival), we will foreground dialogue on the creative process with artists

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